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The Club was established in 1999 by the disabled to realize their rights to participate in sports and their own rehabilitation. However, even prior to this date, the founders and employees of the Club were conducting Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Horseback Riding and Developmental Riding Therapy for the disabled around Moscow since 1991.

The first president of the Club was Nicholas Loza, a hippotherapist and athlete, who was visually impaired and who worked in this position until his death. The club's inspiration and organizer, as well as its first executive director, was Peter Tamovich Gurvich, who during his short life accomplished an incredible job with the formation of the club, the development and promotion of equestrian sports and the recognition of our athletes at home and abroad.

The Club's activities are aimed at creating an environment that supports people with disabilities and families with disabled children. One of the main goals of the Club is to provide conditions under which a disabled child can be integrated into society on par with their peers, learn and acquire professional skills, engage in sports and other physical activities.

Nowadays MRCD conducts comprehensive rehabilitation programs with disabled children and invalids of all ages with cerebral palsy, early infantile autism, Down syndrome, mental retardation, blindness, limb amputation, the consequences of cranial and spinal injuries and other grave disorders. The priorities of the Club are Hippotherapy sessions, Developmental Riding Therapy(DRT),Therapeutic Equestrian Riding, Equine-Assisted Therapy (EAT).

Moscow Riding Club for the Disabled is the base organization of the International School of Hippotherapy (MSHI), whose framework encompasses the partnership with Nikolaev hippocenter 'Wind of Change', located in the city of Nikolaev, Ukraine.

Over the past forty years, Developmental Riding Therapy or DRT, Therapeutic Equestrian Riding, Equine-Assisted Therapy (EAT) has been recognized as highly effective methods of rehabilitation and social integration for persons with disabilities in more than forty countries of the world. The club is a member of the Federation of Riding for the Disabled International (FRDI), North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA), the Equestrian Federation of Russia and the Federation of Physical Education and Sports for the disabled of Moscow.

The Club developed a program of rehabilitation and social adaptation of children and adults with disabilities through their involvement in sports and participation in competitions, which allows people with grave disabilities to participate in sports.

An important aspect of the program is to enact a change in social attitudes towards persons with disabilities, their acceptance as equal members of society.

Hippotherapy shapes new qualities in a personality: sensitivity to the movements of a horse develop and increase reaction times, the ability to control a horse gives an assessment of their skills and allows for the perception of the degree to which patients control a given situation; a developed trust in a horse is transferred to the people with whom a patient interacts.

MRCD conducts International, Russian and Moscow competition programs for Special Olympics and Paralympic competitions every year.

Participation in competitions provides the disabled individuals with the opportunity for self-realization, full communication, enhances their social status, improves their physical and psychological condition. The Olympic Committee of Russia, the State Duma and the Moscow Duma noted MRCD's work on development of equestrian sports among the disabled and the Club was awarded the Certificate of Merit of MHD (MOSCOW DUMA) "For Services to the urban community" in June 2002.

The social significance of MECI is evidenced by the fact that competitions organized by the Club were visited by the Speaker of the State Duma, GN Seleznev, Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, and on May 16th, 2000, the competitions held by MECI and the rehabilitation program's excercises were visited by HRH Princess Anne, a notable event in the life of the Club.

MRCD regularly organizes and conducts Moscow, Russian and International Equestrian competitions for the disabled, which involves people with disabilities and children with disabilities from all over Russia and abroad.

Since 2000, MRCD annually conducts "Dante Hoperia's Moscow Equestrian Open Cup" named in the memory of the outstanding triathlete Dante Illarionovich Hoperia, who died early and who provided the training for the staff of "Live Thread" in dressage and show jumping, and actively participated in the development of equestrian sports among the disabled.

Contacts of the Moscow Riding Club for the Disabled:
Regional Charity Organization Moscow Riding Club for the Disabled (MRCD).
Registered address: 123317. Moscow, Strelbischensky lane, 5-253.
Actual address (for mail): 141400, RBOO MKKI, OUSC "Planernaya", Manezhniy lane, District "Planernoe", Village "Spartak", Khimki Town, The Moscow Region.

Adresses of our schools:
- Khimki Town, Village "Spartak", Olympic Training Center, Planernaya, city of Moscow.
- Sokolniki Park, the 2-nd Luchevoy lane, house 5, bldg. 5.
- Bitca Park, Balaklavskiy Prospect, 33.

Executive Board:
Oleg A. Soloviev, Executive Director, mob.: 8-915-034-06-16, e-mail:
Tatyana S. Alatyreva, Vice-Director, mob.: 8-077-800-89-59.
Yana Alatyreva, Head of Training Department, mob.: 8-926-534-82-27, e-mail:

Essential Elements of the Moscow Riding Club for the Disabled:
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JSC "Sberbank RUSSIA", Moscow
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